Laguna Humantay, Peru

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Join me as I travel the globe; from the pristine islands of the Philippines, to the captivating wildlife of the Amazon Jungle. Adventure awaits!

Past Travels

Planning a trip can be intimidating and overwhelming to say the least. Where to go? For how long? What will I need? Safety Concerns? I’m here to share some of the knowledge I picked up while solo traveling & a few pointers for planning!

Bucket List

A list of must do/must see activities and places taken from my own personal bucket list started some years ago. Ever think about bungee jumping in Peru? Or How about great white shark cage diving in South Africa? Take a dive into my wildest dreams.

Future Travels

There are countless places that I have yet to visit, but continue to research details anywhere from the big must see’s in the area to the minute details of what type of converter I will need. Join me as as I dig a little deeper into my future travel destinations one itinerary at a time!

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see.”