Hey there! I’m Morgan; a goofy, dog loving, wine guzzling, adrenaline junkie with a love for travel. My adventure started about 6 years ago when I decided to leave my small town in Pennsylvania to study Nursing in Tampa, Florida. I started volunteering in countries around the world until I was comfortable enough to just pick up my backpack & go!

I was brought up like many others thinking, “Ok Morgan, you have to grow up. Go to college, get a good paying job, meet the man of your dreams, get married & have kids”. Little did I know, I’d be the black sheep of my family, venturing off to Tanzania ALONE at just 21. Just a girl & her backpack.

Needless to say, I did check a majority of those stereotypical societal views of ” success” off my list. College? Done. A good job? check. Man of your dreams? GOT EM! I managed to do all those things while fulfilling my dreams of travel. However, I’d be lying if I said I’m not envious of those who pick up their entire lives and travel full time. Maybe one day…..

Lets see where the next part of my journey lies…