Traveling In An RV With Your Significant Other. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Living full time in an RV with your significant other can be truly amazing, yet very challenging at times. I said it can be repulsive, but Joe said, “How dare you say that about me, lol”. If there were any secrets before, living in a 26ft confined area can really test your love and compatibility in a relationship.  If there’s one thing for certain, you’ll learn a lot about each and spend a significant amount of time together. Yesterday Joe and I were talking about how many days it’s been that we spent all 24 hours, give or take quick trips to the store, or exploring a few times, and we settled somewhere on a couple of months. Although, that doesn’t sound like a lot of time, were ACTUALLY talking about the full 24 hours in a day. Add in all the stressful situations that arise while RVing or towing and it can really test your love and patience for one another. Luckily, Joe and I have no other options. We are far too ridiculous for anyone else. We can’t even dump our black tank without cracking childish jokes while doing so.

Disclaimer: We are going to get honest here. If you find the truth of bodily functions, extended periods of no showers, or just find childish bathroom humor too much, STOP READING HERE.

5 Things To Do In Rapid City, SD

Good ‘ole South Dakota, where the bison rule the roads and corn is worshipped so much it has its own palace.

Having one of the smallest populations in the country, South Dakota is the perfect place to visit when hoping to escape the crowds. With a vast variety of landscapes, the area surrounding Rapid City is an outdoor lover’s dream! Check out the best 5 things to do while visiting:

RV Newbies: Road Trip- Week 1

Peace out East Coast!

Joe and Morgie Outside of RV Newbies Mojo

Hershey, PA–> Cumberland, MD–> Morgantown, WV–> Lexington, KY–> Lincoln City, IN

Welcome back, Friends! Week 1 in the RV is already complete, can you believe it?! No two stops have been remotely the same thus far in our trip. From vacant wineries, to chilly mornings in the Appalachian Mountains to horses neighing in our back yard of Kentucky. It has been nothing short of an adventure for us two RV newbies.

Preparation RV

Not to be confused with preparation…JUST KIDDING HEHE.

But seriously, What to know BEFORE leaving for your RV trip.

The day is here friends! Well…almost here. We will be leaving Tuesday, September 15th. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m just ready to HIT THE ROAD! We’ve been spending weeks prepping the RV to ensure It’d be suitable to live AND work in (for Joe). I just wanted to hop on here and chat about a few things before leaving: