2020 Calls for New Travel

This Pandemic has been nothing less than a struggle for most of us, I would assume. Speaking for myself, I have had quite a difficult time with the adjustments 2020 has rung in. Little did I know before moving to Maryland for a nursing job, that just months later I would be forced to isolate from family and friends. It has been lonely, frustrating, and extremely trying on my happiness. I’m one who loves an adventure, socializing, and traveling. Being forced to stay in a 800-ish square foot condo hasn’t been the most exciting thing for someone whose mind and body is in a constant state of go. During my time as a COVID nurse, I went from an exhausting shift at work, back home, just to shut my eyes and do it all over again. I understand that Is more than most people have been doing. At least I was able to leave the house and go to work, right? Yeah that’s all great and dandy, but that wasn’t exactly my “happy” place either.

With the unknown circumstances the world is currently in, I started making some adjustments to my travel plans. Originally, I had planned to go abroad in September. For obvious reasons, that will not be happening. Now what? IMPROVISE FRIENDS. The beautiful thing about travel and adventure is it can be right outside your door step. For my next adventure, I decided to dive into a realm of travel I know nothing about, RVing.

As many negative things that have stemmed from this pandemic, some benefits have been brought to light. With international travel, so far out of sight for Americans, domestic travel has been becoming more and more popular in the recent months. Some may disagree with travel during these times, however, with appropriate social distancing and preventive measures, I see nothing wrong with isolating yourself in nature.

I think it is so important to take advantage of my so to speak “young years” and live a life full of adventure. I have a fear of waking up one day and thinking “man, I wish I did that” or “I should have gone there”. We have our entire life to work and save. Work will always be there and you will ALWAYS be saving for something. While I think it is important to financially prepare and not be COMPLETELY irresponsible, I think there is something to be said about living a little “recklessly” and seeing where the adventure takes you. I am responsible for myself and only myself at this moment in time. Why not take advantage of that?

I’ve always wanted to do some domestic travel, so what better way to explore my own roots then buying an RV and burning some rubber across the USA? Thank God I have a boyfriend who is onboard with my spontaneous way of life. I suspect we will have a lot of “fails” while figuring this out, but that’s all a part of the adventure. I bet he didn’t know what he was getting into when we started dating, LOL! So cheers to a new adventure. I’m so thankful I have someone to learn and explore this style of travel with me. Stay tuned for all our epic travels to come and the fails that come with them!

New Zealand Itinerary

Road Trippin’ New Zealand, North to South Island:

Hey Friends! Welcome back:) I’m hoping to travel to New Zealand in the near future, so I put together a little itinerary! Something to note is that I made this Itinerary for MY interests. Everyone’s Itineraries are going to vary. There are things I left out so be sure to consider different road trip guides to ensure you’re hitting all the spots that interest you. I am only touching on a very little of what this beautiful country has to offer.