RV Newbies: Road Trip- Week 1

Peace out East Coast!

Joe and Morgie Outside of RV Newbies Mojo

Hershey, PA–> Cumberland, MD–> Morgantown, WV–> Lexington, KY–> Lincoln City, IN

Welcome back, Friends! Week 1 in the RV is already complete, can you believe it?! No two stops have been remotely the same thus far in our trip. From vacant wineries, to chilly mornings in the Appalachian Mountains to horses neighing in our back yard of Kentucky. It has been nothing short of an adventure for us two RV newbies.

Stop #1 Hershey, PA

Just two short hours from home, we turned in for the FIRST night at The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey using our Harvests Hosts membership. Lucky for us, we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves. We parked right up next to a pond, sat back and made a toast to the start of a long journey ahead.

Joe Outside of RV Newbies Mojo

During the day while Joe was working, I came up with tasks and hobbies to keep myself busy. I started my morning with a fresh cup of French press coffee followed by morning yoga. During the day, I worked on continued education credits for my nursing license and spiced up the afternoon with a wine tasting. It’s kind of cool to have the option of a vineyard being my backyard for the day!

Stop #2 Cumberland, MD

This was just another quick overnight stop over using Harvest Hosts. We parked the RV at 1812 Brewery and spent the night star gazing…there’s not a whole lot more to do in Cumberland, MD. Nothin’ but farm land.

Joe and Morgan 1812 Brewery Cumberland Maryland

Stop #3 Morgantown, WV

There’s nothing like driving through the Appalachian Mountains hauling a 26 foot RV. That was STRESSFUL! I’m ready for some nice flat land to cruise on. Aside from the slightly intimidating drive, Morgantown is a sight to see for a nature lover. We posted up three days here so we could do some exploring. Joe and I put on our hiking boots and went over to Deckers Creek Trail for a stroll by the river, enjoyed a peaceful picnic at Cheat Lake, followed by Coopers State Park to do some sight-seeing.

Aside from hiking, we did a whole lot of hanging out around the fire at the campground. Sand Springs Campground was our first stop at a campground and what a positive experience it had been. The first night our new neighbors brought us over a smoked BBQ dinner that they worked on all day. I wish I could explain how incredible this was…my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The friendliness at the ground is so refreshing. With people sharing dinners, lending helping hands to the newbies (us), or just sitting around the fire for a chat, it’s been nothing but good vibes. Did I mention a few spots down someone has a pet Wallaby?!

Stop #4 Lexington, KY

Miles and miles of horse farms and bourbon, what’s not to love?! Lexington was such a pleasant surprise. From the beautiful million dollar ranches (yes, I looked them up on Zillow. Wishful thinking) to the arm chilling bourbon. Maybe it’s just me, but every taste of bourbon I took the hairs on my arms and legs would stand up. Not my favorite beverage to “sip” on. Regardless, it was fun to learn about the process of distilling bourbon and hearing about the great moonshining days at Bluegrass Distillery. Peek below to see how much I enjoyed my shots of bourbon!

We parked the RV at Kentucky State Horse Park…impeccable! It was almost too nice for my liking to be honest. I prefer to stay at RV sites in the middle of the woods, closest to nature. The more remote, the better. This felt more like a resort with about 260 RV sites, a pool, tennis court, playgrounds, volleyball courts, etc. It was MASSIVE and really well kept. So clean kept that we couldn’t even find sticks around to build a fire.

Stop #5 Lincoln City, IN

Joe and I consider this our little hidden gem we stumbled upon. We just picked an RV site at random for a stopover since we’re trying to get to the north west as quick as possible before snow hits. I used the Reserve America app to find an RV site not too far from the highway and still in route. That’s when we found Lincoln State Park and what a cool find it was! This state park is nestled about 5 to 10 miles from I-64 West. There’s a small lake at the center with multiple hiking trails surrounding it. Piper and I ventured out on our own for a few hours while Joe was working for the day. To our surprise, there was an amphitheater that holds up to 2000 people within the park. We would have loved to see a show while we were visiting, but unfortunately no such luck :/ Maybe next time!

We’ve come to the conclusion that one just needs to expect an RV to be a continuous project. So far in our FIRST week we:

  • Lost our heat shield somewhere on the highway.
  • Bent our rear back stabilizer jack while turning around on a narrow road.
  • Showered in FREEZING water while it was a whopping 40 degrees outside since our water heater decided not to work. No worries, day 4 here and I just had my FIRST HOT WATER SHOWER!! Oh boy was that a treat.
  • The outlets decided they no longer would run off battery. This is a big issue for us since we planned on boon docking a lot to save money. However, Joe needs the modem to be plugged in during the work week so we’ll have to save the boon docking for weekends or buy a new battery.
  • The check engine light flicked on the truck. Something with an 02 sensor? Not sure on that one…that’s more up Joe’s ally. Week 1 and we already had a mobile mechanic out to fix up the truck.
Joe RV Newbie under RV Mojo
Joe RV Newbie working on RV Mojo Electrical

Yes, I did say in the FIRST WEEK! All in all we’ve both just accepted that this is part of the haul and we will make it cross country eventually. Slow and steady. No need to rush anything, we’re just going to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of our adventures.

Wondering what this post is about? Check out my introductory post here!

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